• How do I buy at Catherine Lansfield Home Online?

    Buying at Catherine Lansfield Home website is very simple. You can choose to register on the site, after registering as a customer, just click on the items to view their description, select the desired color and size and add to basket. Finally click the “Submit Order” button and follow the steps. If you prefer, you can order without registering, only need to comply with the essential data to the ordering process. For more information, please go to our Terms and Condition of Sale where you can find all the necessary information to proceed with ordering products on our website.

  • Can I buy on the Catherine Lansfield Home online anywhere in the world?

    Currently our online store is available in the following countries: Portugal, Madeira, Azores, Spain (mainland), France (mainland), Germany and Netherlands.

  • Online shop prices are the same as physical stores?

    Yes. Online store prices are the same as physical stores, with some exceptions resulting from specific promotional campaigns, which will be duly notified.

  • How can I pay my order?

    Catherine Lansfield Home accepts that payments of orders are made via HiPay accounts. Credit Card: VISA and MasterCard.. All the filling of information of the credit card will be made directly on a secure page of the electronic payment service provider. Catherine Lansfield Home is not responsible for any delay or non-delivery of orders derived from checks and authorizations from issuers of credit cards.

  • Is it safe to shop at Catherine Lansfield Home Online?

    Yes, Catherine Lansfield Home website makes a commitment of responsibility towards their visitors, protecting their personal data based on the encryption of data transmission through SSL system.

  • In what currency can I pay?

    All orders are placed in Euro (€), with payment being processed in this currency.

  • What is the cost of delivery?

    Home delivery has a value associated that varies depending on the market where you make your purchase and the order value. Please see shipping rates and regulations in Shipment and Delivery in Legal Information.

  • Where is the nearest Catherine Lansfield Store?

    The process of shipping starts after receiving payment confirmation of the order.

  • Where is Catherine Lansfield Home head office?

    The fulfillment of orders placed on the website is subject to availability of product stock. If the stock of a particular product is temporarily sold out, or if the customer has made an order for a product that has gone out of stock and will not be replaced, Catherine Lansfield Home informs the user by email, stating the approximate date for replacement of the product, leaving it to user to state the interest to maintain the order or the intention to cancel it.

  • Does Catherine Lansfield have a customer service?

    Currently we do not have reservation service. However, you can add your favorite products to your Wishlist to purchase them later. Please note, that by doing this, you are not reserving any articles but saving them for future reference.

  • Can I cancel my order in Catherine Lansfield online?

    The user has the option to cancel the order if it has not already been shipped (should consult order status in your customer area).

  • How do I exchange an item I purchased online?

    Catherine Lansfield Home does not exchange items. Cliente should proceed to the return of the item and make a new order online.

  • How do I return an item I purchased online?

    If for some reason the user is not satisfied with the order, the contract can be cancelled within 14 days from receipt of the order. Shipping and return costs are paid for by the user.  Catherine Lansfield Home is obliged to refund the amount paid by the user of the returned item(s) within 14 days.

  • Does it cost me to return items?

    The return is paid for by the customer and must be made to the following address:

    Rua Egas Moniz nº346
    4805-408 RONFE GUIMARÃES

  • Can I return an item that was offered to me?

    Yes, however, this return must be made by the person who purchased the product online and not the receiver.

  • When will I receive my order?

    Portugal, within 3 working days after order has been shipped.

    Spain mainland, France mainland, Germany and Netherlands, within 5 working days after order has been shipped.

    Madeira and Azores, within 20 working days after order has been shipped.

    During bank holidays and sale periods, delivery time may be slightly higher.

  • How do I subscribe to Catherine Lansfield Home newsletter?

    To subscribe to our Newsletter click on “Newsletter” in the main menu.

  • Where is the nearest Catherine Lansfield Store?

    Please see Store Finder in this website to view the location of all Catherine Lansfield stores in Portugal.

  • Where is Catherine Lansfield Home head office?

    The address of Catherine Lansfield Home head office is:

    Rua Egas Moniz nº346
    4805-408 RONFE GUIMARÃES

  • Does Catherine Lansfield have a customer service?

    Yes, you can contact our Customer Service team on week days from 9h to 18h GMT or via email info@catherinelansfield.pt. We will make all efforts to answer your queries as quickly as possible.